December 27, 2023

"Great place for typewriter sales and service. The proprietor is very friendly and knowledgeable."
September 23, 2023

"A must visit experience. Kenneth Alexander is so nice and so full of knowledge about typewriters. My brother took me there for my birthday and it was such a joy. I collect vintage typewriters, and my brother bought this beautiful Underwood Olivetti, Lettera 22 for me."
July 20, 2023

"I was gifted a Royal Quiet DeLuxe with stuck keys, a carriage that mainly returned whenever doing so seemed convenient, and all of the rubber on the platen was very cracked. In addition to all of the other issues, like a ribbon that din’t seem to move - Um. My Royal needed a bit of work. Now, this was some time ago, in 1993! When I was leaving California to strike out for college in another state, and of course, I had no real moneys to speak about, being a transfer student from California College of Arts & Crafts, and Berkeley fixed my typewriter and made it brand new! Well, made the machine work like the typewriter was new. They had shaved the platen, and cleaned and where necessary oiled whatever other bits there were. I teared up when I got it home, and I’m tearing up talking writing about it now. Thank you so much! I’m still using that Royal, though it’s obviously long overdue for a tuneup."
January 29, 2023

"i bring my typewriter here every few years for tuning up and cleaning. they are timely, communicative & reasonable. i love to be able to keep my great grandmothers typewriter in such good shape that i still use it regularly for letter writing. I'm glad Berkeley Typewriter Repair exists."
January 23, 2023

"The man that works there was WONDERFUL Very Helpful and Knowledgeable. I would Highly Recommend this shop for All your Typewriter needs including ribbon"